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Moderation der IPEC Veranstaltung

IPEC Annual Meeting 2019

A powerful voice in Europe since 1992, the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council Europe (IPEC Europe).

BIOGRUND is a member of the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council Europe (in short, IPEC Europe) with one mission: quality excipients for medicines. Developing and promoting harmonised international guidelines to create the appropriate quality and functionality standards to improve patient safety.

The 2019 Annual Excipients Forum took place on Thrusday 31 January at the Westin Dragonara Resort in ST Julian’s, Malta.
This year’s IPEC meeting was moderated by our technical director Dr. Mahmud Yunis. The topics discussed and presented ranged from “The Potential Impacts of Brexit on Pharmaceutical Supply Chains”, “Transportation Conditions for Excipients”, some Q&As to “Importance of Excipients Quality in Developing Innovative Biological Medicine”.

In the following you can see some impressions of the meeting, the moderation and the venue.

Various pills

Clean Label Alliance

Collaboration, knowledge and support – three things the Clean Label Alliance (CLA) offers.

Las Vegas, 6 November 2018 – The official launch of CLA took place just in time for the start of Supply Side West. It consists of members of BIOGRUND, Bosch, Ribus, Lonza and Natoli. They all support the CLA in its efforts to clean labeled food supplements.

“The CLA was developed in response to growing consumer demand for clean, safe ingredients for dietary supplements. Since consumers have established the link between food as nutrition and food supplements as nutrition, they want the same “clean” labelling as for food. This means that there is a need for action on the part of food supplement producers to convert products to declaration-free clean labelled products. Leading companies in the dietary supplement industry have joined forces to jointly support producers seeking to develop and transition to clean label products. CLA helps companies in the dietary supplement industry to provide resources and solutions for the efficient manufacture of clean label products.”

As a member of the CLA, BIOGRUND offers various solutions for the use of harmless ingredients in solid oral dosage forms and thus supports the objectives of the CLA to replace unwanted excipients with specially formulated excipient mixtures.

Other Clean Label Alliance members are: BOSCH, Lonza, Natoli und Ribus.

Coating Tablets Biogrund

Workshop Review

Versatile Solutions for Solid Oral Dosage Forms

Huenstetten, November 2018. Attendees shared their knowledge & expanded their existing skills. Our fully booked English-speaking workshop at BIOGRUND presented a combination of theoretical and practical units, where participants got an extensive overview about solid oral dosage forms and its production process challenges.

The content of the seminar consisted of theoretical training, focused on current market trends & innovations (e. g. clean labelling, natural & organic ingredients and replacement options of excipients such as Ti02, silicon dioxide or Mg stearate). BIOGRUND also gave a detailed insight on ready-to-use film coating systems for solid oral dosage forms, innovative tableting & colouring excipients as well as hot melt coating.

Of course, the theoretical training was also implemented immediately by a practical session in our laboratory on different machines. The used machines in our application centre were: drum coaters, air flow bed technology Romaco Innojet Ventilus® V 2.5, drum and fluid bed coater BOSCH Solidlab 1 and tablet presses.

White tablets, pills

Film Coating

Replacement of titanium dioxide (TiO2) in tablet film coatings

The white pigment TiO2 is known for its high opacity and brightness. For this reason, it has a wide range of applications, from the colouring ingredient in pharmaceutical tablet coatings to the popular food colouring.
Depending on the product, it is sometimes necessary to use film coatings without TiO2. This may be due to scuffing (an abrasive interaction between TiO2 in the tablet coating and the coater’s stainless steel walls), rumours of nanoparticles and related changes in regulations or customers seeking to achieve a more natural list of ingredients. BIOGRUND formulates its powder mixture like AquaPolish®, also TiO2 free. In this way users are offered tailor-made solutions that meet their formulation requirements. TiO2 free AquaPolish® is formulated with alternative white dyeing auxiliaries. This makes it possible to replace TiO2 without sacrificing the usual opacity and brightness of your product. If necessary, coloured film coating systems can also be used to replace TiO2. Depending on customer requirements, light-stable natural pigments are then used in the formulation when synthetic colours and iron oxides are undesirable.

Learn more about TiO2 replacement

Do you need help with the exchange of titanium dioxide? We would be happy to assist you in the reformulation of existing formulations or new developments to replace titanium dioxide, synthetic dyes or iron oxides. 
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Musterkasten Biogrund

Clean labelling

Tablet film coating with natural, lightfast colours? Why not! Alternatives for titanium dioxide & iron oxide pigments

Clean Labelling – a topic that is becoming increasingly important. At trade fairs, industry events and in the media. Consumers and customers are paying increasing attention to the list of ingredients. As a result, the industry is constantly trying to find and replace new adjuvants and ingredients to continue to use a customer-friendly label that does not require additional declarations. Last but not least, changes in the regulatory requirements lead to an adaptation of existing formulations. For example, titanium dioxide is currently being criticized in some countries, and EFSA has recently examined iron oxides in an “E172 Data Call” review. That’s why we’ve developed a wide range of AquaPolish® film coatings without titanium dioxide and iron oxides. For light stability studies, we sprayed natural coloured film coatings on placebo tablets and exposed them to sunlight for six and twelve hours with a Suntester (equivalent to 45 and 60 hours of sunlight, respectively). The measured colour deviations from the reference tablet (not exposed to sunlight) are within our specification of Δ E <3.50.

Questions about the light stability of natural pigments? We are happy to assist you with the reformulation of existing formulations or new developments. Contact us!

EU - Organic Certificate

Film Coating

NutraPolish® Organic – fast soluble, natural & organic certification.

Bio-certified, ready-to-use film coating for nutraceutical oral solid dosage forms such as dietary supplements with extracts, vitamins or minerals. NutraPolish® Organic is a simple and fast-acting powder formulation that produces a ready-to-use suspension in a single step. The release profile of the film coating is designed for immediate drug release. The bio formulation is based on natural and certified raw materials and supports your clean labelling strategies (e.g., non-GMO, non-allergen, EU organic food label). The clear coat gives your product more brilliance and facilitates swallowability. For a glossier tablet surface.

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