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Easy-to-use ready mixes for sugar-coating. Tailor-made & ready-to-use.

Sugar Coating – from conventional to continuously automated. When it comes to aesthetics, shine and good insulation, traditional sugar-coated tablets are still a very popular dosage form. Among the numerous coating layers, the bad-tasting and smelling active ingredient is sufficiently masked and isolated from environmental influences. In addition, the smooth surface of the sugar-coated tablet facilitates swallowing for adults and children alike.

With our IsuPolish® products, BIOGRUND offers a wide range of ready-to-use sugar-coating systems. These simplify, improve and accelerate the coating process in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. The ready-to-use powder mixture is offered in the conventional version with sugar or sugar-free, based on Isomalt. The latter is a sugar substitute derived from sucrose. Isomalt crystallizes transparently compared to sugar. Colored coatings thus obtain a brilliant glossy color. The sugar substitute has the property to dry faster than sugar – which reduces the process time.
From the classic, manual three-step process (application / distribution / drying) through to the automated and continuous spraying process, IsuPolish® offers the right and efficient solution for every application process.

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IsuPolish® FSC
  • Innovative thin-film sugar-coating as an efficient coating method
  • High speed application speeds up the production process
  • Combines the advantages of film coating and sugar-coating
  • Automated process. Application is carried out by continuous spraying in a modern drum coater
  • Achieves an aesthetic surface in a short time
  • Excellent taste masking
  • Easily soluble in cold water
  • Up to 25% solids in the suspension
  • Coloring according to customer requirements
  • With only 10-15% weight gain amount, an adequate, moisture-protective coating on the tablet is achieved
Quality: Pharma | Food

Sugar-free coating

conventional & fast
  • sugar-coating system based on the sugar substitute Isomalt
  • shortens process times through faster drying times
  • application is classic in the traditional sugar-coating process
  • suitable for diabetics
  • coloring according to customer requirements
  • product crystallizes clearly – for brilliant colors
  • achieves an aesthetic surface
  • excellent taste and odor masking
Quality: Pharma | Food

IsuPolish® G
pearlescent effect
Characteristics of IsuPolish® plus:
  • formulated with mineral pearlescent colors (Candurin®) for shiny surfaces
  • gives the product a high aesthetic value
Quality: Pharma | Food

Traditional sugar-coating

IsuPolish® S
Traditional sugar-coating
  • Ready-to-use formulation for traditional sugar-coating
  • Based on sucrose
  • Application is classic in the traditional coating process
  • Coloring according to customer requirements
  • Excellent insulating properties (smell and taste)
  • For a sweet taste when taking the sugar-coated tablet
  • Creates a smooth and shiny surface
Quality: Pharma | Food
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