BIOGRUND at ExciPerience

The ExciPerience took place online from 09-10 March 2021. The event was organised by the pharmaexcipients.com team.

There were a lot of interesting presentations on various topics like “Are public private development partnerships the future of R&D? How the partnership model for development in neglected diseases could be the answer”, “3D printing for personalized medicine: Excipients for a Digital Pharmacy Era” or “Insights and Trends of Film Coatings “.

Our project manager Dr. Raphael Janousek gave a very informative talk on “Taste Masking (for paediatrics) using Hot Melt Coating”. If you are interested in this topic, do not hesitate to contact us or check our online information about Hot Melt Coating here.

We saw the virtual event ExciPerience as a good chance to meet the right people from our industry. We are looking back at good networking with visitors, exhibitors and speakers as well as the exchange of industry news and trends. This industry-specific meeting brings together a dedicated audience with a high interest in modern pharmaceutical excipients and knowledge.

We are looking forward to the second ExciPerience next year.

What is the ExciPerience?

ExciPerience is the new virtual event around every aspect of pharmaceutical excipients. ExciPerience covers all areas from basic or advanced research and formulation to manufacturing and regulatory. It will be the intersection between all the different perspectives and people in the excipient community. ExciPerience gives an exceptional virtual event experience. There will be more and new possibilities for personal interaction and different presentation formats than you are used to.