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More information about Clean Labelling and BIOGRUND’s Clean Label products:

What is Clean Label?

Clean Labeling

Tablet film coating with natural, lightfast colors? Why not! Alternatives for titanium dioxide & iron oxide pigments

Clean Labeling – a topic that is becoming increasingly important. At trade fairs, industry events and in the media. Consumers and customers are paying increasing attention to the list of ingredients. As a result, the industry is constantly trying to find and replace new adjuvants and ingredients to continue to use a customer-friendly label that does not require additional declarations. Last but not least, changes in the regulatory requirements lead to an adaptation of existing formulations. For example, titanium dioxide is currently being criticized in some countries, and EFSA has recently examined iron oxides in an “E172 Data Call” review. That’s why we’ve developed a wide range of AquaPolish® film coatings without titanium dioxide and iron oxides. For light stability studies, we sprayed natural colored film coatings on placebo tablets and exposed them to sunlight for six and twelve hours with a Suntester (equivalent to 45 and 60 hours of sunlight, respectively). The measured color deviations from the reference tablet (not exposed to sunlight) are within our specification of Δ E <3.50.

Questions about the light stability of natural pigments? We are happy to assist you with the reformulation of existing formulations or new developments.

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