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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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Quality of BIOGRUND


Can you change the formulation if I cannot accept a certain ingredient?

Yes, BIOGRUND offers custom made formulations. The ordered product or formulation is therefore individually fitted to your needs.

How do I prepare a suspension?

BIOGRUNDs send with each product you order a special processing guide. It explains how to use the product.

We also filmed the process of preparing a suspension.
Have a look at it on YouTube:


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Where can I order a sample?

Online, by mail, phone or chatbot. Our samples are customized and free of charge.

Our global contact email adress is:

If you want to order online, use the links below.

Request a free…

… film coating sample.
… tableting sample.
… sugar coating sample.
… coloring sample.
… excipients sample.

What services does BIOGRUND offer the customer?

Our service: click here.

  • Customized formulation
  • Reformulation (exchange of individual ingredients)
  • Support in the development of formulations
  • Technical support at our company, at your site, by phone, video & Co.
  • Regulatory support
  • Customer visits – direct arrangement on site
  • Workshops

Our product portfolio: click here.


Do you have TiO2 free white and colored coatings?

Yes. BIOGRUND coating formulations are tailor-made. Therefore, you can personally choose which ingredients/excipients you would like and which you would not.

Can you support me with organic certified products?

Yes, BIOGRUND offers various certified products. Among them are those with the EU Organic Label and/or the USDA Organic Label.

More information about our certifications or Clean Label / BIO products.

What is your MOQs (Mininum Order Quantity)?

Our minimum order quantity is 5kg, but on request we can also produce less.


How does a Hot Melt Coating product work?

Our Hot Melt Coating Product is called BonuWax®.
Easy-to-use application for hot melt coating of particles/pellets, polishing of sugar-coated tablets and anti-sticking of soft capsules.

Here is how it works:


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Where can I find quality-relevant documents?

Unfortunately, you will not find these documents on our website yet. You can request product and batch relevant documents directly from our customer service. Simply contact us by e-mail, telephone or chatbot.

Phone: +49 (0) 6126-952 63-0

Click here for our certifications/certificates.

Can you help me with regulatory questions?

Yes, BIOGRUND offers support in technical and regulatory questions. Simply contact us by e-mail, phone or chatbot.


Phone: +49 (0) 6126-952 63-0

Chatbot: See bottom right.

What does the P/D/F in the product name stand for?

Our nomenclature of product names provides that the letter marking P, D or F reflects the quality of the product. The letter indicates whether the product in question is suitable for pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs or both.

P = Medical product / Pharmaceutical
D = Dual
F = Food / Dietary supplement

Example for food: AquaPolish® F white 014.32 MS

Any further open questions?

Contact us. We will try our best to deliver you the best solutions and answers.

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