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Whether a new development or reformulation – as a formulation specialist, we look forward to new challenges. The tablet offers an incredible number of processing options. Every tablet, every formulation is different – that makes us more curious day by day.

BIOGRUND offers knowledge and experience from 20 years of formulation work in the areas of film coating, sugar-coating, tabletting, colouring and excipients. Thereby, we refer to the cooperation with our customers from the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry. Developments always take place with the customer and are tailor-made. Thus, the know-how complements each other and both parties benefit and learn from it. The knowledge gained in this way flows daily into our development work. The close contact and cooperation with universities extends our know-how as well as that of the students. Passing on our experience to emerging scientists and generating knowledge through them helps us to stay innovative. An active exchange on new topics, experiences and interesting facts, as well as the search for common solutions to problems through a large network is ensured by our membership in industry associations, such as e.g. the IPEC.

VIDEO: Benefits of ready-to-use film coating systems – short & simple explained

BIOGRUND is a specialist for ready-to-use systems. But what exactly is that? Our ready-to-use products are homogeneous dry powder blends that contain all the ingredients for a perfect film coating. They are easily soluble in water or organic solvents. In just one step, the user can prepare a spray suspension ready for use. Ready-to-use powder mixtures for film coating contain film-forming polymers, fillers, pigments, plasticizers and binders. The respective formulation is customized.

The advantages of ready-to-use systems

  • Colour development - almost any colour is possible
  • Only one material, only one certificate of analysis
  • Short and easy preparation
  • Guaranteed reproducible quality / batch-to-batch consistency
  • Low supply chain risk, only one supplier
  • Simple logistical handling

Preparing a ready-to-use film coating suspension (AquaPolish®)

The benefits of tablet/film coating

Protective film without function.
In non-functional films, the tablet core is provided with a thin film coating, to e.g. isolate the drug and thus prevent its volatilization. The protective film improves the mechanical stability, the aesthetics, the identity, the storage conditions and the flow properties as well as the surface structure of the tablet.

Functional protective film.
The tablet core is coated with a functional coating, e.g. to achieve an odour or taste masking. Furthermore, it is possible to achieve protection against environmental influences such as oxidation, UV radiation and moisture. Other functions include the targeted or delayed release of the active ingredient, protection against stomach acid, protection of the mucous membrane and reduction of side effects.

Sprühprozess Film-Coating

The challenge of the film coating process

Before, during and after the film coating process, an operator has to pay attention to a lot of things. Some critical parameters must be set in advance and adjusted during the process. As our graph shows, the following factors play a key role in making the process successful:

  • Geometry of the system components

    Here alone, you can turn five adjusting screws. Nozzle-to-tablet bed distance & nozzle-to-nozzle distance, distance nozzle to drum edge, spray angle and position.

  • Process temperatures

    The regulation of the supply air, the temperature of the tablet bed surface and the exhaust air must be matched to the product and the spray suspension. The process air volume and spray rate are also decisive for the settings. Recommendation during the spraying process: Regularly check the tablet bed surface temperature with an IR thermometer.

  • Spray rate

    It depends on the drying capacity of the system, the tablet core properties, the film properties, the solvent used and the quality of the adjustments.

  • Drum speed

    The speed depends on the drum diameter, number and design of the baffles/anti-slide bars, the rolling behaviour and the abrasion tendency of the tablet cores and the fill level.

  • Suspension & Tray Core

    For each of our film coatings you will receive a processing guide that will help you to achieve a successful spraying process. In most cases, the parameters mentioned above vary if different polymers are contained in the film coating. There are differences between gastric juice-resistant, moisture-protective, retarding or taste-masking film coatings. Finally, the texture of the tablet core plays an important role. What is the abrasion resistance or brittleness? What size and shape does the tablet core have? The height of the tablet web and the radius of curvature also influence the machine settings and thus the result of the applied film coating.
    In addition, there are other factors that influence the spray result for the operator. Learn more about it! BIOGRUND is happy to teach and train you. In regular coating workshops we impart not only theoretical knowledge but also practical tips on the subject of coating & tabletting.

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