Excellent excipient premixes for film coating, tableting & coloring. Tailor-made & ready-to-use.

Mission statement

Since 1999, the BIOGRUND Group has been the specialist for the homogeneous mixing of excipients and carriers.

With locations in Germany, Switzerland, America and Russia, we support the food supplement and pharmaceutical industry in the development, formulation and production of solid oral dosage forms. The tailor-made and ready-to-use special powder mixtures for film coatings, sugar-coatings, colorings and tableting enable optimum results in a short time. Easy, fast and reliable! With our service-oriented way of working, we offer the customer assistance from development through to production. Our high-quality products make an important contribution to improving oral dosage forms and making their intake easier and safer.

Who are we?

Globally recognized formulation specialist for excipient premixes for oral dosage forms.

Who do we benefit?

Companies in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical & cosmetic industries.

How do we work?

Fast, with individual assistance and consultation, customized and solution-oriented service, understanding for challenges and targets of customer projects.

Our Corporate Culture

We live quality in everything we do. Highest quality characterizes our self-image as well as our services and products.
Helpful, humorous, cooperative & respectful living-together through flat hierarchies & honesty. Hand in hand.
Speed and flexibility – two of the most important elements with which we ensure long-term and sustainable customer satisfaction and relationships.
We work reliably and conscientiously. Our products and services are reliable. It is our goal to consistently work without mistakes. Everyone voluntarily takes responsibility.

Our Goals*

The customer should see us as a development partner for all aspects of the tablet.

As formulation specialist, we always strive to fulfil the goals of our customers to their fullest satisfaction.

We want to offer our customers the best possible service by expanding our locations worldwide.

We always deliver the quality that satisfies the demands of our customers.

Our products are linked to health, therefore, it is self-evident that we take a responsible approach to people, the environment and society.

*in addition to business goals

Corporate philosophy and values

Our understanding for quality goes far beyond pure product quality.

We strive for constant improvement both in our production activities, as well as in dealing with employees and external service providers.

Each employee takes responsibility for the quality of his work. We encourage & strengthen our employees through regular training & further education.

Our creativity and willingness to experiment produces solutions and innovations.

Good quality stays in everyone’s memory and creates satisfaction.

Within the family-run company, everyone sees themself as part of the whole and looks beyond the horizon.

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