Clean Label Alliance

Collaboration, knowledge and support – three things the Clean Label Alliance (CLA) offers.

Las Vegas, 6 November 2018 – The official launch of CLA took place just in time for the start of Supply Side West. It consists of members of BIOGRUND, Bosch, Ribus, Lonza and Natoli. They all support the CLA in its efforts to clean labeled food supplements.

“The CLA was developed in response to growing consumer demand for clean, safe ingredients for dietary supplements. Since consumers have established the link between food as nutrition and food supplements as nutrition, they want the same “clean” labelling as for food. This means that there is a need for action on the part of food supplement producers to convert products to declaration-free clean labelled products. Leading companies in the dietary supplement industry have joined forces to jointly support producers seeking to develop and transition to clean label products. CLA helps companies in the dietary supplement industry to provide resources and solutions for the efficient manufacture of clean label products.”

As a member of the CLA, BIOGRUND offers various solutions for the use of harmless ingredients in solid oral dosage forms and thus supports the objectives of the CLA to replace unwanted excipients with specially formulated excipient mixtures.

Other Clean Label Alliance members are: BOSCH, Lonza, Natoli und Ribus.

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