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Easy-to-use ready mixes for film coating. Tailor-made & ready-to-use.

Finding the right film coating for your solid dosage form is not easy. But not impossible. Together we can select the coating that exactly matches your product.
Our portfolio covers all currently available film coatings for all dosage forms such as tablets, mini tablets, hard/soft gelatine capsules, dragees, pellets, granules and particles.
  • Tailor-made and ready-to-use systems for pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements and cosmetics.
  • Ready-to-use, dry powdered mixtures (polymers, plasticizers and pigments homogeneously milled and deagglomerated) of the highest quality.
  • Clear, white or colored formulations. Color adjustment according to your wishes.
  • Ready-to-use within 45 min. Easily soluble in water or organic solvents.
  • Batch-to-batch consistency. High quality and reproducible coating results.

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Fast soluble

NutraPolish® Organic
natural & organic certification
  • Bio-certified and natural formulation that supports your clean-label strategy (e.g. non-GMO, non-allergen, EU organic food label).
  • Film coating for immediate release tablets.
  • The clear film coating gives your product more brilliance.
  • For better swallowability of the tablet.
  • Improves the packaging process (better slip, less dust).
  • Enhances the appearance of supplements (shiny surface).
  • Suitable for dietary supplements such as extracts, vitamins or minerals.
  • Quality: Food

the all-round film coating system
  • HPMC-based film coating for fast-dissolving tablets.
  • Reliable protection for tablet cores.
  • Improves the appearance of the tablet surface.
  • Customized colors that enhance your brand identity. With or without synthetic dyes and iron oxides. Light stable, natural colors possible.
  • White or colored formulations with or without titanium dioxide (TiO₂).
  • Improves the packaging process (better slip, less dust).
  • Achieves a smooth film layer, which facilitates the swallowability.
  • Quality: Pharma | Food

More information on AquaPolish®.

AquaPolish® G
for glossy surfaces
  • Give your product a high aesthetic value
  • The shiny coating with mineral pearlescent pigments (Candurin®) is a eye-catcher when it comes to glossy tablet surfaces.
  • The pearlescent colors are characterized by excellent stability.
  • The gold, silver, interference, bronze and red shades can be combined with other pigments and dyes to create your individual and unique film coating.
  • Quality: Pharma | Food

AquaPolish® TC
taste masking

Bitter flavors naturally protect humans from substances that can cause harm. But some bitter drugs are good for our bodies. In order to be as tasteless as possible, an effective flavor enhancement strategy is needed.

  • Masks bitter and unpleasant tasting active ingredients (e. g. caffeine, herbal extracts).
  • In addition, the formulation may contain flavors and sweeteners.
  • Reliable sealing of the tablet – pleasant application for the consumer (adults and children).
  • The smooth tablet surface provides a enjoyable mouthfeel and facilitates the ability to swallow.
  • Increases patient compliance (adherence).
  • Quality: Pharma | Food

AquaPolish® OM
odor masking
  • Masks bad and strong smelling active ingredients (e. g. herbal extracts).
  • Reliable sealing of the tablet – pleasant application for the consumer (adults and children).
  • The smooth tablet surface provides a enjoyable mouthfeel and facilitates the ability to swallow.
  • Increases patient compliance (adherence).
  • Quality: Pharma | Food

AquaPolish® HS
provides fast spraying times
  • HPMC or PVA based film coating for fast dissolving tablets.
  • The used low-viscosity polymers allow a high solid content in the spray suspension.
  • Shortens spray & coating times because less water/solvent needs to evaporate.
  • Increases productivity in tablet coating.
  • Saves energy costs through faster process times.
  • Quality: Pharma | Food

AquaPolish® STA
fast & shiny

The modified starch-based AquaPolish® STA is an excellent solution for solid oral dosage forms where hypromellose (HPMC) reacts with the drug or tablet core (e. g. green tea extracts).

  • High spray rate. The modified starch allows a solids content of 20-25% in the suspension.
  • Fast process. The film coating process can be performed by low process temperatures which shortens and simplyfies the process.
  • Aesthetics. The starch contained in the formulation automatically gives the film coating a light shine.
  • Protection. Achieves a light moisture barrier.
  • Quality: Pharma | Food

Moisture protection

AquaPolish® PRO
moisture sealing | flexible
  • Immediately release film coating with excellent moisture barrier that protects the tablet core and thus the active ingredient from external environmental influences and from volatilization.
  • The highly flexible film enables a wide range of applications with a wide variety of tablet core formulations and prevents film cracking.
  • For a smooth and aesthetic tablet surface that improves the swallowability of the tablet.
  • The low viscosity in water allows high solubility and fast dissolution for suspension preparation and speeds up the spraying process.
  • Also the possibility to use wide ranges of process parameters (supply and exhaust air, atomizing air, product bed temperature, etc.) simplifies the process and makes it more convenient.
  • Quality: Pharma | Food

More information on AquaPolish® PRO

AquaPolish® MS
excellent moisture protection

Protects moisture-sensitive substances from environmental influences.

The coating improves tablet stability and provides protection to prevent drug degradation and prolong shelf life.

Tablet cores with highly hygroscopic agents such as extracts are protected.

Provides high protection for solid dosage forms that need to be marketed and protected from moisture in countries with high humidity.

The selection of raw materials for the formulation of AquaPolish® MS is tailored to the respective active ingredient and the requirements of the customer. Formulations free of titanium dioxide (TiO2) are also available.

Quality: Pharma | Food

More information on AquaPolish® MS

AquaPolish® PVA
flexible | fast soluble
  • Combination of polyvinyl alcohol and, optionally hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC), which provides an excellent moisture barrier for oral dosage forms.
  • Very good adhesion properties for a variety of different tablet cores.
  • Excellent logo definition.
  • Customized formulation for easy and uncomplicated processing.
  • Improves the production processes.
  • Quality: Pharma | Food

Enteric Coating

AquaPolish® E
gastro resistant film coating
      • Use of pH-controlled polymethacrylate copolymers, Hypromellose Acetate Succinate or Alginates provide disintegration protection against gastric acidity.
      • The solubility of the film coating begins at a pH of > 5.5 and thus dissolves in the intestine.
      • Offers additional protection against environmental influences such as light, oxygen and moisture.
      • Suitable for tablets, capsules, pellets and granules.
      • For dietary supplements vegan formulations are available.
      • Quality: Pharma | Food

natural enteric film coating
      • Protective film with excellent moisture-sealing and enteric properties.
      • The natural shellac-based film coating system also offers good odor/taste masking.
      • It is recommended for coating natural extracts and substances with bad taste and odor.
      • The ready-to-use powder mixture is easily soluble in water. The use of solvents is redundant.
      • Quality: Pharma | Food

Sustained release

AquaPolish® SR
sustained release of active ingredient
      • The film coating system for sustained release of active ingredient forms a strong gel layer through which the active ingredient gradually diffuses.
      • The combination of high-quality, insoluble cellulose ethers or synthetic polymers with soluble cellulose ethers, plasticizers and pigments provides consistently reproducible film coatings.
      • Wide range of release profiles through variations in the type and amount of film formers used.
      • Especially suitable for granulates and pellets.
      • Easily soluble powder mixture in organic solvents.
      • Quality: Pharma / Food

Contract manufacturing

AquaPolish® C
your formulation in safe hands
    • Do you have your own coating formula that you produce by yourself? This production step can be outsourced to us.
    • We will exclusively produce your formulation as a ready-to-use film coating system.
    • Your benefit? Time saving in several process steps (e.g. in purchasing, in quality assurance, in storage, weighing, etc.).
    • Quality: Pharma / Food

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