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Film Coating: Replacement of titanium dioxide (TiO2) in tablet film coatings

The white pigment TiO2 is known for its high opacity and brightness. For this reason, it has a wide range of applications, from the coloring ingredient in pharmaceutical tablet coatings to the popular food coloring.

Depending on the product, it is sometimes necessary to use film coatings without TiO2. This may be due to scuffing (an abrasive interaction between TiO2 in the tablet coating and the coater’s stainless steel walls), rumours of nanoparticles and related changes in regulations or customers seeking to achieve a more natural list of ingredients. BIOGRUND formulates its powder mixture like AquaPolish®, also TiO2 free. In this way users are offered tailor-made solutions that meet their formulation requirements. TiO2 free AquaPolish® is formulated with alternative white dyeing auxiliaries. This makes it possible to replace TiO2 without sacrificing the usual opacity and brightness of your product. If necessary, colored film coating systems can also be used to replace TiO2. Depending on customer requirements, light-stable natural pigments are then used in the formulation when synthetic colors and iron oxides are undesirable.

Do you need help with the exchange of titanium dioxide? We would be happy to assist you in the reformulation of existing formulations or new developments to replace titanium dioxide, synthetic dyes or iron oxides. 
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