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Direct compression – easy & fast. For years it has been apparent that direct compression of oral dosage forms is becoming increasingly popular in industry. New technologies and excipients make it possible to simplify this production stage. Some wet granulation products can now easily be converted to direct tableting.

Weighing, mixing, lubricating, pressing – sounds simple, it usually is. The success of a perfect direct compressed tablet depends on the amounts of active ingredients and excipients in the tablet mixture, their different particle sizes, flow and compression properties and sensitivities to moisture. Ultimately, the tablet hardness must be so strong that it has a low fragility. Thus, bursts at the tablet web and dust formation during further processing can be avoided. Nevertheless, the tablet should be easily divisible if it has a break notch. If retardation is desired, it should not miss the desired release profile.

Our excipient blends for direct tableting are tailored to these properties. They specifically affect the property that is to be improved, adjusted or eliminated. Our innovative tableting excipients help replace other undesirable excipients. Keyword “Clean Labelling”.

Ready-to-use – simply add 0.5-10% of our binders and lubricants to the tablet mass and mix.

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Dry binders & lubricants

binder for high-dose active ingredient tablets
  • enables the compressibility of normally non-compressible active ingredients in just one step
  • optimizes the flowability of the tablet mass
  • increases the tablet hardness
  • improves the fragility of the tablet
  • usually makes a wet granulation for drug isolation with an excipient redundant
  • delivers a granulated, homogeneous, dry milling of HPC/CMC, PVP/CMC or low viscosity HPC/HPMC
Quality: P | F *
CompactCel® SIL
optimized flow behaviour & stability
  • improves flowability of the tablet mass
  • better adsorption capacity (of liquids/moisture) & more stability
  • higher compression of the tablet mixture and active ingredient
  • optimized dissolution profile of the tablet
  • dry binder granulate of silicon dioxide and HPC/NaCMC or PVP/NaCMC
  • usually makes a wet granulation for drug isolation with an excipient redundant
Quality: P | F *
CompactCel® FLO
naturally optimized flowing properties
  • separating agent that loosens the tablet mass
  • improves the flowability
  • natural premix of various rice additives and phosphate
  • without silicon dioxide
Quality: F *
CompactCel® LUB
binder & lubricant combined
  • one-step system
  • combines the properties of binder and lubricant
  • micronized & homogeneous powder blend of hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC), oil, wax and rice extract
  • use of natural lubricants
  • no use of magnesium stearate
  • the lubrication has no influence on the tablet requirements
  • for a flowing compression process
Quality: F *
CompactCel® MAB
moisture absorption & lumping
  • dry binder for loosening the tablet mass
  • excellent moisture-absorbing properties
  • prevents lumping of hydrophilic active ingredients before and during the tabletting process
  • Homogeneous dry milling of moisture-absorbing excipients such as silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate, MCC and/or talc.
  • Formulations with only natural excipients such as calcium carbonate/MCC or cellulose fibres and vegetable rice concentrate available
Quality: P | F *
CompactCel® TC
taste-masking binder
  • dry binder
  • Neutralises bad-tasting active ingredients. Important for uncoated tablets.
  • formulation of several sugary substances and/or sweeteners in combination with flavour-covering substances such as polymers and/or beta-cyclodextrin plus cellulose fibres
  • formulation is also available with only natural excipients such as sugar and/or stevia, as well as natural polymers and cellulose fibres
  • upon customer request, components can be changed, supplemented or reduced.
Quality: P | F *
*Qualities: P = for pharmaceutical products, F = for food / supplements

Sustained release

sustained drug release
  • Retardation. For a sustained release profile of the drug
  • Forms a reliable gel film through which the active ingredient permanently diffuses
  • Depending on the active ingredient (easily or poorly soluble), the gelation and thus the release profile can be adjusted
  • Application suitable for dry and wet granulation
  • Fine, micronized and homogeneous dry trituration of HPMC & NaCMC
  • Recommended dosage for tablet formulations: 10-30%
Qualität: P | F *
*Qualities: P = for pharmaceutical products, F = for food / supplements

Tablet formulation

customized tablet formulation
  • Tailor-made premix, e. g. contains fillers, binders, lubricants, pigments and dyes
  • One-Step. Add only the active ingredient before production
  • Use of only one excipient premix instead of several individual components
  • Accelerates the tablet manufacturing process
  • Reduces weighing errors & lumps
  • Reduces production and analysis costs
  • Guarantees consistency from batch to batch | consistent quality
  • Produces homogeneous dry powder mixture
Qualität: P | F *
*Qualities: P = for pharmaceutical products, F = for food / supplements

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