BIOGRUND in cooperation with Syntegon

To make your life easier

Product development of solid oral dosage forms is connected to high costs and long R & D times.

This partnership simplifies two things at once. It combines the knowledge of a formulation specialist and a leading provider of processing and packaging technology


For tableting, BIOGRUND US, our Syntegon partner lab in the USA, uses exclusively the TPR 200 tablet press from Syntegon. The TPR 200 can be used to tablet small development batches, using an R&D B/D turret, or can utilize a turret of 32 stations with output of nearly 230,000 tablets per hour. Because all TPR 200 turrets utilize the same pitch circle diameter, scale up is quick and easy.


BIOGRUND develops ready-to-use tablet formulations and is an expert in optimizing your whole tableting process. Trials can be performed directly in the application center. Whether pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or cosmetics company, BIOGRUND develops customized solid oral dosage forms using individual excipient/ingredient premixes.

Who’s Syntegon?

Syntegon (former Bosch Packaging Technology GmbH), headquarter in Waiblingen – Germany, supplies a wide range of machinery, systems and services. Also provide industry-specific consulting, technical expertise and machine services.