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#product variety

Unique, easy to use and high quality solutions for solid oral dosage forms. Our film coating, sugar-coating, coloring and tableting premixes are ready-to-use systems that guarantee optimized results and are ready for use in just one step. In addition, we offer finely selected raw materials. Adjusting tailor-made formulations to your products is our daily business. We support the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries in the development and production of solid oral dosage forms. We help our customers to improve ongoing production processes and cooperate with them in researching new solutions.

#formulation specialist

Are you facing new challenges with your formulations? Want to start a new project and look for new solutions? Your result does not satisfy you?
In cooperation with you, we do everything we can to achieve the best result for you. As your partner and formulation specialist, we are in close contact with each other to ensure that your project is completed as quickly as possible. With 20 years of experience, we have access to a broad repertoire of knowledge and formulations for all aspects of oral dosage forms and can therefore optimally support you.


You notice that the market is changing and have to adapt to it? You have planned a new project but can’t find a starting point? New regulations in your market demand rethinking and action? With our industry network and a number of industry associations, we are well informed about market requirements. We develop new products for the respective market situations and can thus offer you simple solutions to meet the demands of consumers.


You need a new batch at short notice? Your customer expects you to act quickly? You want to shorten the application process of film coating? Acting and reacting quickly is our daily business. It starts with the first contact and continues through development to spraying on our reliable one-step coating systems.


You need a tailor-made solution for your project? Do you want the color of your tablet to match the color of your company? Do you have special requirements for your tablet? Our products are all developed to customer specifications. We formulate and develop according to your needs. It does not matter whether you prefer a special property, coloring or special ingredients. Our solutions are developed individually and solution-oriented just for you.


You don’t want to research, develop and formulate on your own? You want to have a stable network behind you? Through our locations in Germany, Switzerland, USA and Russia, BIOGRUND maintains an extensive network which is constantly expanding. In addition, our agents support us in numerous countries worldwide. The close contact to universities, laboratories and scientists as well as cooperation with companies in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries will drive the joint success of your project.


You wish for good service? Personal contact is important to you? Both internally and externally, we focus on your concerns. With our local customer service, international locations, large network of agents and experienced project managers, we do everything we can to ensure that you are in good hands. From consulting, development, tests, sampling to on-site trials and technical support.


We react immediately to customer inquiries and actively inform you about innovations and changes in the market. As soon as rumours circulate on the market, we talk to our customers, trade with new developments if necessary and try to protect customers from competitive disadvantages.


The truth is close to your heart? You want to keep an eye on your projects over the years? Fair and honest behaviour towards our customers is important to us. We always give our customers the best possible advice on their projects and products. That is why we strive for a cooperation based on partnership. In this way we guarantee a fair and honest exchange of information on both sides.

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