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Troubleshooting Guide – Color variation II

Description: Individual tablets have heterogeneous colors Possible reason: – Application rate is to low – API interacts with the coating material – Low opacity – Active ingredients diffuse from the core – Over humidification Remedy: – Increasing the weight gain – Adapting the formula or changing the pigments – Increasing the coverage properties of the […]

Troubleshooting Guide – Color variation I

Description: Batch has heterogeneous colour Possible reason: – Coverage properties of the coating are insufficient – Solid content of the suspension is too high – Weight gain level is too low – Batch quantity is too low Remedy: Increasing the coverage properties of the coating (more pigments) Reducing the solid content Increasing the weight gain […]

Troubleshooting Guide – Scuffing

Description: Gray layer forms on the tablet surface Possible reason: – Titanium dioxide quantity is too high – Interaction between drum wall and coating Remedy: – Reducing the titanium dioxide – Spraying the drum prior to the trial Contact our experts for further tips.

Troubleshooting Guide – Twinning

Description: Two or more tablets stick together. Possible reason: – Overhumidifcation – Process air volume is too low – Tablet shape “planar” is not suitable Remedy: – Reducing spray rate – Increasing the drying capacity – Optimizing the form of the tablets to “biconvex” – Using release agents in the formulation Contact our experts for […]