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Hot Melt Coating? Why not!

Hot Melt Coating

3 in 1 – coating, waxing and polishing with only one excipient premix.

Hot melt coating (HMC) offers many advantages compared to conventional solvent-based coating technologies. HMC avoids drying times and makes
potentially toxic and expensive organic solvents such as ethanol and isopropanol superfluous.

The faster process results in higher batch throughput, leads to higher production volumes and increases productivity. HMC is also an effective method to mask the often bitter taste of active ingredients and produce products with a pleasant mouth feel.


Our HMC product – BonuWax®

Easy-to-use application for hot melt coating of particles, polishing of sugar-coated tablets and anti-sticking of soft capsules.

Our ready-to-use excipient premix BonuWax® for hot melt coating is a water and solvent free application and provides good moisture sealing, taste masking and stability for granules and particles.

If a shiny surface is requested for sugar-coated tablets, BonuWax® as a mixture of bee wax and carnauba wax can be used to achieve an excellent glossy finishing. Under the principle of friction, a brilliant gloss/shine will be realized, which leads to an aesthetic valorization for sugar-coated tablets.

BonuWax® is formulated with different natural waxes and is highly stable to provide excellent transparency, anti-sticking properties (effective separation) and enhanced mechanical stability/flowability during processing and packaging. Waxed capsules also have higher resistance to external influences like humidity and temperature and are easier to swallow.

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HOW TO coat pellets with a Hot Melt Coating product | BonuWax® – BIOGRUND

This video shows step by step the process of coating pellets using a hot melt coating product called BonuWax®.


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