Webcast – Functional Film Coating

Functional film coating for solid oral dosage forms (SODF). There are few reasons why to coat SODFs. We are looking at different ways of modifying the drug release profile through a film coating. In the webcast we discuss several formulation examples, case studies and look at how film coatings are applied and processed and compare the application of ready-to-use film coatings. You will learn which formulation you can use for reliable odor and taste masking or how you can adjust the dissolution profile of your API tablet. Last but not least, properties of different coating formulations will be investigated.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the function of polymers for taste & odor masking, moisture barriers, enteric protection, modified release
  • Learn how hygroscopic tablet cores can be protected
  • Discover the benefits of ready-to-use film coating formulations


Abderraouf Allia, Business Development Manager at BIOGRUND

Abderraouf Allia studied International Business (B.A.) and since 2016 he consults customers in Europe, North Africa and Middle East. At BIOGRUND he accompanied many development and formulation projects for pharmaceutical and dietary supplement companies. His problem-solving oriented way of working is appreciated by the customers. The two-way exchange of knowledge and know-how enriches both parties. Due to his large regional sales territory, he was able to take on the most diverse challenges in the development of new formulations and reformulations, show solutions and thus optimize production processes.


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