Webcast – Coloring from liquids to solids

This webcast will offer an overview of reasons drug products should be a colored one and factors that should be considered. Examples and case studies demonstrate how to work with pigment blends in the proper way and how non-homogeneous colored products can be produced spot-free and homogeneously.

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand the interaction between pigments and carriers
  • Learn which factors needs to be considered for homogeneous coloring
  • Discover the benefits of ready-to-use coloring systems


Mark Hönscher, Project Manager at BIOGRUND

Mark Hönscher is a chemist and since 2012 he consults customers of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry in Central & Eastern Europe. At BIOGRUND he accompanied many development and formulation projects. His problem-solving oriented way of working is appreciated by the customers. During his four years of work in our application center, he was able to meet the most diverse challenges in development and technical implementation, show solutions and thus optimize production processes.


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