Ready2use coatings

Why not!

Ready to use film cotaing systems?

BIOGRUND is a specialist for ready-to-use systems. But what exactly is that?

Our ready-to-use products are homogeneous dry powder mixtures that contain all the ingredients for a perfect film coating. They are easily soluble in water or organic solvent. In only one step the user can prepare his spray suspension ready for use. Ready-to-use powder blends for film coatings contain film-forming polymers, fillers, pigments, plasticizers and binders. The respective formulation is adapted to the customer’s specific requirements. In addition, we also produce customized ready-to-use products for tabletting, coloring and sugar-coating.

Definition ready-to-use: There is no or only minimal effort for the user of the system.

The advantages of ready-to-use systems

  • Color development – almost any color is possible
  • Only one material, only one certificate of analysis
  • Short and easy preparation
  • Reproducible quality / batch-to-batch consistency
  • Low supply chain risk, only one supplier
  • Simple logistical handling

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