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A super-disintegrant formulated with

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CompactCel® DIS – Natural / Organic super-disintegrant

Product Information:

CompactCel® DIS is a natural/organic super-disintegrant which enables a rapid break-up of solid dosage forms when they come into contact with moisture.

The super-disintegrant premix is formulated with natrual ingredients which complies with current Clean Label Standards. It provides an alternative to synthetic super-disintegrants, such as crosslinked polymers, crosscarmellose sodium or sodium starch glycolate.

CompactCel® DIS helps in the fast breakdown of the solid dosage form so that the active ingredient becomes bioavailable faster and is readily absorbed. It can be also used in the formulation of oral disintegrating tablets (ODT) or chewing tablets.

Our natural premix for direct compression possesses several useful properties:

  • good hydration
  • poor gel formation
  • good compressibility and flow property
  • faster therapeutic effect
  • neutral odor and practically tasteless


  • Food
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