IsuPolish FSC - Film-Sugar-Coating in a short time

In 2014 we introduced our new developed ready-to-use system for film-sugar-coating of solid dosage forms, such as tablets, granules, chewing gums, nuts and fruits.

IsuPolish® FSC is a unique, dry milled, homogeneous blend of hypromellose, Isomalt or sucrose, pigments and additional excipients. Compared to a traditional sugar-coating process this product assists you to speed up the production process.

The finished product has a pure and natural taste. Because of its low glycemic and low insulinemic response, the Isomalt (galenIQ™ by BENEOPalatinit) version is suitable for diabetics. It also provides cariostatic properties.

This innovative film-sugar-coating process leads to an aesthetic film surface in a short time and is suitable for use in automatic coating machines. It provides excellent taste and odour masking characteristics as well as moisture sealing capacities. Clear, white or coloured preparations can be tailor-made according to customer requirements.

IsuPolish® FSC is easily soluble in cold water and the suspension can be made with up to 25% solids. With a recommended weight gain between10 –15%, a protective film can be achieved within a similar time frame as a film coating process.