Workshop Review

Versatile Solutions for Solid Oral Dosage Forms

Huenstetten, November 2018. Attendees shared their knowledge & expanded their existing skills. Our fully booked English-speaking workshop at BIOGRUND presented a combination of theoretical and practical units, where participants got an extensive overview about solid oral dosage forms and its production process challenges.

The content of the seminar consisted of theoretical training, focused on current market trends & innovations (e. g. clean labelling, natural & organic ingredients and replacement options of excipients such as Ti02, silicon dioxide or Mg stearate). BIOGRUND also gave a detailed insight on ready-to-use film coating systems for solid oral dosage forms, innovative tableting & colouring excipients as well as hot melt coating.

Of course, the theoretical training was also implemented immediately by a practical session in our laboratory on different machines. The used machines in our application centre were: drum coaters, air flow bed technology Romaco Innojet Ventilus® V 2.5, drum and fluid bed coater BOSCH Solidlab 1 and tablet presses.