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BIOGRUND @ CPHI 2022 in Frankfurt – our hot topics

BIOGRUND sample box

New Sample Box

Our new AquaPolish® sample box shows how tablet film coating can meet today’s end-user needs – focused on clean label and regulatory requirements for dietary supplements and pharmaceutical applications. The sample box contains colored film coating systems that are free of iron oxides, titanium dioxide and talc.


Reformulation Service

We are one of the leading developers of TiO2 free coating formulations. Furthermore, we are able to develop coating formulations without undesired excipients. We offer reformulation of existing formulations, as well as reformulation from capsule to tablet.

A customized development of your specific color paired with functional properties of the film coating is also one of our specialties.

Our Services:

Consulting | Development | Reformulation | Technical Trials & Support | Production | Documentation

New Sample Shop

It has never been easier to create an excellent product finish for solid oral dosage forms.

Check out our full portfolio of ready-to-use premixes for film coating, tableting, coloring and sugar-coating you can now order online 24/7 free of charge. As well selected excipients like cellulose ethers, waxes and HME cleaners are available.

Product Overview

Excellent excipient premixes. Discover our tailor-made and ready-to-use products for film coating, tableting, sugar-coating and coloring.

Innovation Challenges

BIOGRUND gladly accepts challenges from all branches of industry. Including pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, industry & start-up.

AquaPolish® PRO

AquaPolish® PRO for a continuous film coating process. Immediately release film coating system with excellent moisture barrier and high flexibility.

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