A Smiley drawn in white powder.

E171 – one of the most important food additives in nutraceuticals, widely used as a whitening agent for example in tablets or tablet film coating.

Titanium dioxide – the white pigment with highest refractive index and brightness. It is an excipient with unique properties – even a low content of titanium dioxide provides a significant influence to nutraceutical products.

But why is titanium dioxide considered as critical?

Several current studies describe a potential risk of TiO2 nanoparticles (NP) to the human respiratory system.

So remember that consumers & customers know this and therefore they pay attention to the list of ingredients and are well informed!

Another aspect to pay attention is that a clearly perceived market trend in Nutraceuticals is a more natural & shortened ingredient list! (Click to learn more about the Clean Labelling movement)

As a result, the industry has to look for new alternative excipients & ingredients.