Cellulose ethers

BIOGRUND offers high quality cellulose ethers for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industry. Fine, homogeneous blends of selected cellulose ethers to achieve desired properties (i.e. viscosity, retarded and controlled release etc.).

BonuCel® - Cellulose ethers (HPMC, MC, EC etc.)


BonuWax® 3 in 1.
Coating, waxing and polishing with only one excipient premix? Why not!

Easy-to-use application for hot melt coating of particles, polishing of sugar-coated tablets and anti-sticking of soft capsules.

More information: BonuWax®

Hot melt extrusion cleaner (Pharma)

In addition we have a purge compound for hot melt extrusion terminates difficulties to clean the extruder after processing. HME Cleaner Plus (GMP) provides effective clean-up, because of its high detergency and low residual properties. Additionally all ingredients have been used as pharmaceutical excipients including watersoluble cellulose ethers. HME Cleaner Plus (GMP) is produced in accordance with IPEC GMP guidelines and meet all requirements of USP/NF, Ph.Eur. and JP.

HME Cleaner Plus (GMP)

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