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We supply products and provide services for the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturers of nutritional and dietary supplements. Because of the unique formulations of our products, they can be used in a simple and easy way.

Film coating applications are our core specialty, and we offer our customers a choice from the broadest range of polymers. The rapid reconstitution of our coating products allows fast application and a simplification of the production process. The products can be used on tablets, granules, pellets and

Our sugar-coating products simplify and accelerate the sugar-coating process by shorter drying times. Our innovative products for tabletting reduce production time, guarantee homogeneous colours and give excellent compaction properties.

As a result, efficiency and flexibility will improve your day-to-day production.

BIOGRUND GmbH was founded in 1999 as a company for manufacturing and marketing excipients and other auxiliary materials for the food, nutritional supplement, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Right from the start, the aim of our managing policy was to develop our Company to a healthy and efficient enterprise. Since then we have established a substantial market share within our areas of interest.

Over the years we have developed durable business relations to our customers and suppliers, to universities, laboratories and contract manufacturers. By a reasonable price strategy, good cooperation, highest quality and best service we have achieved continuous business growth. This gives us the opportunity to remain independent in our decisions and not to rely too heavily on one supplier or one customer.

The most important asset of our business development is to have satisfied customers. We share our partners’ values and aims and support them in their needs, and it is our ambition to supply products and services of the highest quality to our business partners throughout the world.

Being innovative is a challenge. We are continuously developing cutting edge formulations for the manufacturing of our products and the constant improvement of our management system guarantees the highest quality. The success of our business has resulted in the growth of our Company and has enabled
us to provide new jobs and, by offering apprenticeships, invest in the training of young people.

We make sure that our customers receive superior value, our business partners and employees take part in our success, and our shareholders receive a continuous and above average return of investment.