NutraPolish® Organic

Fast soluble . natural . organic certified

Ready-to-use coating formulation for nutritional oral solid dosage forms. Such as extracts, vitamins or minerals. Simple and fast aqueous preparation of the powder compound and easy application of the suspension. For an immediate release profile. Coated tablets improve the packaging process because of better slip and no more dust formation.

The organic and natural formulas will support your clean labelling strategies (e.g. Non-GMO, Non-Allergen, EU-Label for organic food).

Ingredients are natural and organic certified. For an improvement in appearance and finish of supplements. The clear coating gives your product more brilliance and facilitates a better swallowability. For a more glossy tablet surface.

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Replacement of titanium dioxide (TiO2) in film coating systems

The white pigment TiO2 is well known for its high opacity and brightness. For this reason it has a wide range of applications, from colouring ingredient of pharmaceutical film coating to food colouring.

Depending on your product, it is sometimes necessary to use film coating formulations without TiO2. Reasons could be scuffing (an abrasion interaction between TiO2 in the coating and the stainless steel pan walls), rumours about nano particles or customers requesting just a more natural ingredient list.

BIOGRUND can offer tailor-made solutions for your formulation needs with or without TiO2.

By using the ready-use film coating AquaPolish®, formulated with alternative excipients for whitening, it is possible to replace TiO2 without losing the usual opacity and brightness on your product.

If required, coloured film coating systems can be replaced TiO2 free. According to customer requirements light-stable natural pigments can be used in the formulation when synthetic colours and iron oxides are not allowed.

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We are glad to support you in the reformulation of existing formulations or new developments with or without titanium dioxide, synthetic colours or iron oxides. Contact us!


Tablet film coating with natural, lightstable colours? Why not!

Alternatives for titanium dioxide & iron oxide pigments

Clean labelling - a topic that is gaining more and more presence, at trade fairs, industry events and in the media. Consumers and customers are alo paying increasing attention to the list of ingredients. As a result, the industry is frequently having to look for and replace new excipients and ingredients in order to continue using a customer-friendly label that does not require additional declarations. Last but not least, changes to regulatory requirements also lead to adjustment in existing formulations. For example, titanium dioxide is currently being criticised in some countries and the EFSA has recently been investigating iron oxides for review in an "E172 Data Call".

Therefore, we developed a wide range of AquaPolish® film coating formulations without titanium dioxide and iron oxides. For light stability studies, we sprayed the natural coloured film coating on placebo tablets and exposed them to stimulated sunlight by a Suntest XLS+ for six and twelve hours (this correspond to 45 and 60 hours of sunlight). The measured colour deviations to the reference tablet (not exposed to sunlight) are within our specifictaion of E < 3.50.

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Questions regarding the light stability of natural pigments? Please contact us.

We are also glad to support you in the reformulation of existing formulations or new developments.


Information: ERP Implementation

Huenstetten, October 2015

Dear Valued Customer and Partner,

The BIOGRUND GmbH and its parent company Bonutra AG continuously review and improve their quality standards. This also includes the safe and correct handling of data, which are processed day by day. To improve and develop further our business processes, we decided to implement a validated Enterprise-Ressource-Planning (ERP) system at BIOGRUND and Bonutra.

We are focusing to have the systems go-live date in May 2017.

At the present moment of this letter we are not in the position to inform you about all changes and improvements that will be affected in the course of the ERP system implemen-tation. As soon as we are familiar with all changes, you will receive an additional letter inclu-ding all required details of the rollout. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail for further information regarding this matter.

Information: Change in secondary packaging for BIOGRUND products

Huenstetten, October 2015

Dear Valued Customer and Partner,

The BIOGRUND GmbH lives its slogan “Easy, fast & reliable” day by day. Against this back-ground we further developed the product safety of our cardboard packaging for BIOGRUND products. Since 1St of October we optimized the design of our cardboard packaging (boxes) with regard to unauthorized manipulation.

We eliminated the integrated, punched out handle bars, so that you now receive our products in a complete closed container. In combination with the usage of a firmly locked, overlapping lid the unauthorized manipulation could be reduced to a minimum.

The dimensions of our box packaging stay unaffected from these changes. In addition, this change does not affect the manufacturing process or product quality.